When did you get your refund 2014

Today is the official start to the I.R.S. 2013 Tax Season. We want to compile a list of payments dates for our users to see to better help them determine the date that they will get their refund. So we pose the question, “When did you get your refund 2014?”

We would like everyone to reply to this post with the date that their refund was accepted and the date that I.R.S. has set for their direct deposit or check. To find out this date, you will need to visit the I.R.S. Where’s My Refund webpage.

Optionally, we would also like you to post the date that your state refund, what state, and when your state finance department gives your refund date. To find out this, visit our Where’s My State Refund page.

Please comment below with Federal Acceptance Date, Federal Payout Date, (optional) State Acceptance Date, State, and State Acceptance Date.

Thank you for helping to make our 2014 Refund Schedule to be as accurate as possible.

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122 thoughts on “When did you get your refund 2014

  1. I filed on January 24th and got an email from the tax website I used saying it was accepted on the 29th, but Where's My Refund has not said that it has been accepted yet. I have no idea what to think or when I will get my money

  2. Filed 01/31/2014
    Accepted 02/03/2014
    WMR still says "return received" with no DD date.
    Did anyone else get accepted on 02/03 and have a DD date yet?